Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, or spiritual healing is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine in which “healers” channel healing energy into their client.

The intent of energy healing is to promote health through manipulation of the subtle energies. Like most alternative healing modalities, it’s thought that all disease arises from disturbances in the subtle energy field. Even in cases where medicine has designated a chemical or biological cause for a disease, the disease itself is a disturbance of the subtle energy field.

One way to explain this is that part of the the etheric body is a kind of template for the physical body. When the condition of the physical body differs from the subtle energy templates (in the etheric body), there is pain and suffering.

There are many schools of energy healing, and Reiki is one of them. Each energy healing school approaches energy healing in its own way.

Some alternative energy healing modalities use empirically understood energies like electromagnetism, sound or light. While those systems are interesting, and may be of benefit to clients, on this website we are interested in the energy healing modalities .

Usually energy healing is performed with the healer placing their hands on the client. That is called “hands on energy healing”. There are schools which teach a “hands-off” approach where the hands are a few inches or feet away from the clients body, and other schools which teach distant healing. In distant energy healing, the client can be any distance from the healer, and the healer first must establish a distant connection such as by having a picture of the client.

Spiritual Healing is distinguished by a deeper embrace of spiritual practices in the healing practice. That is, one can approach energy healing as a technician, where one discerns the energy vibrational state required to promote a positive change. Or, the approach can be spiritual, invoking divine space with prayer (for example) and placing the healing result in the hands of God.