Transformation Tribe Membership

Do you find yourself to pay to different psychics, healers, or take 5$ cards which doesnt give you necessary complex information,outcomes,therapy?
I offfer MONTHLY services ALL IN THE BOX: healings sessions+indepth card readings+spells+activations continuesly in order to IMPROVE YOUR Life, your situations,to guide you and heal you!
COMPLEX Services GIVES THE EFFECTS & RESULTS than if you will buy separately again,again,and again and find yourself still out of focus and spend hundreds of $$.

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🔥Transformation Tribe Membership🔥
37$/month (WORTH 245$+)- without Activation
It is 11$ /week for ALL Services!!!

57$/month- with free activations
It is 16$ /week for ALL Services!!!

🔥👇What you will GET? 👇🔥

Reiki Healing Sessions(worth 105$)
Group Healing Session Weekly -2 Sessions
Personal Healing session for any reason-1 Session

Mini Readings(worth 40$)
Personal Mini Reading inbox- 2 readings /month
Any reason 10-16 cards!!!!

 Spell (any!)
-1 Spell/Month (worth 33$)

Bonus FREE Services (sessions,reads,pendulum)

Free Ebooks (worth 7-25$)
Free Mindfullness/Self Development/diet/health/habits/manifestation /money/meditation E-book Monthly

🔥Free Attunement/Activation !!!(worth 20-70$)
Free Activation/Attunement +Manual- 1/monthly

Exclusive Video
Video Content for improving your midset/money/health

Monthly Meditation

Special Discount Offers for classes , workshops, services

Special discounts for readings

Special Offers members only

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