Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

So often one experiences things that have meaning, but we remain unaware, unsure, or simply confounded by what that meaning could possibly be. We wonder is it a sign? An omen? Someone who has transitioned from this life trying to reach us? Or is it simply another cloud in the sky, a feather on the ground, a seemingly meaningless glance at the clock only to see 11:11.

Here’s the facts folks: we may never know. What we can know however is that the universe speaks to us in amazing, confusing, and glorious ways. From the direction the birds fly, or the way the leaves seem to know when it’s going to rain, we are all connected. We are all of one energy, experiencing life differently. I am fond of saying as are many that we are spiritual beings having human existences and doing the things that humans do best: blundering through life.

In this life I have learned a few things, none of which I find more important than this: We are perfectly imperfect the way we are, but we can still grow and evolve in this perfect imperfection as we travel through space and time working our way back to become one.

On this journey our soul experiences many many bumps, bruises, and changes. During these times there are various occurrences that I like to call leveling up. Others refer to them as Spiritual Awakenings. Here we are going to examine some tings that may occur when one is experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, and various ways you might aid them along or at least lessen some of the side effects.

Warning Spiritual Awakenings may occur at anytime. Just because you aren’t ready for them consciously doesn’t mean your soul isn’t, or frankly that the universe cares. These are a prime case of you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!


So let’s get serious here we all spiritually evolve at our own rate our own time, different abilities being activated along the way and not all in the same manner or to the same capacity as each other. Does this mean that your spiritual awakening of being a medium or an Empath is any less valid, or worthy than anyone else’s? NOOO!!! We are each our own unique power and we have no need to compare, contrast and one up each other. This I think is kind of a guiding rule, or should be for this line of work. I am no better than you and you no better than me. The fact is the universe puts dampers on us all to not monopolize in any one person. Why you might ask…Ego. Plain and simple human ego is dangerous. It can be helpful and encourage you along but if you for one second think that you are better than another psychic or Empath because you have “all the clairs “ you would be wrong. Just as some people develop the ability to produce amazing sounds with their vocal cords, others learn to play an instrument. Both beautiful in their own way, similar but different but neither is less impressive than the other. This is important to remember on your spiritual journey. You can be your own beacon of power, your own bright light, and not detract, tear down or diminish another’s in any way! How wonderful is this? Basically we are all flowers in a garden equally beautiful on our own but together we are magnificent. Think about the amazing things that could be accomplished if we accepted this and worked together to build up and raise vibrations, heal the earth and each other and be the change we seek. Astonishing!


Ok enough from the mind of this old crone. Signs of a spiritual awakening what are they?

Well let’s do a laundry list shall we?

Internal Changes

  • Perception intensifies: basically you see the world through prism colored glasses. You are able to perceive more than those who are not awakened or awakened at a lower frequency. Again you are not better for being more enlightened, but you are more aware of the impact you can have on those around you and in return the world at large.
  • Time Perception shifts: you begin to stop living in the future, or past, and focus instead more on the here and now. You begin to practice mindfulness of being present in the moment and trying to fully live it.
  • A sense of oneness: you feel connected not only with the man down the road but with the butterfly on the daisy in your neighborhood garden. You see how the majestic flight and beauty of the butterfly can bring a sense of wonder to someone looking for a message from God, the Universe, Great Spirit or Divine. Whatever Noun you choose to identify the energies from which we are all attached.
  • A new sense of self coupled with a new inner quite: you feel as though you have been reborn, reforged, or remade so that you can experience things more fully. With this an inner quite, sense of peace, and calm often come together. These things make it much easier to step back from the busy moments in life and just breathe when the pressure of the outside world gets to be too much.
  • Often you will feel a pull or tug as though something greater than you is directing you, and you are channeling its energy to help manifest something greater.
  • Your ability to truly empathize and experience and express true compassion for all living creatures increases. It literally pains you to watch another suffer. You are able to feel what others feel and if not feel it directly at least put yourself in their “shoes” to “look” at things from a different perspective. You begin to see things as a whole and how your ripple creates other ripples. One action creating the kinetic force by which another action is triggered.
  • A sense of well being or faith if you will that things will just be ok. This is self explanatory
  • Loosing your fear of death: you no longer fear a transition from this life to the next. No matter what that may be you accept that your moment here and now is important, but when you transition your impact is not lessened. Whether our soul ascends to a great beyond or we merely rejoin the earth both have purpose. You also worry about what happens less, why because in the end it’s your actions here and now that matter more than what happens when the clock stops ticking. You live for today through this line of thinking
  • You no longer identify with any particular group per-say, but as an individual that is part of a collective and can make a difference while maintaining your own unique experiences, ideals, and beliefs. You become the black sheep, the unherded, the individual.
  • The ability to look at the picture as a whole both microscopically and macroscopically thinking is no longer black and white but shades of grey. You realize these are just as beautiful and just as important as the components that created them
  • Morality increases: I like to think this means you begin living life with more integrity. You are more honest with yourself and others. Boundaries become easier to establish because you no longer are willing to put up with the negative or toxic behaviors or energies that once caused disharmony in your life. Friends may be lost but you realize that those who cannot accept you or join you on your path are on their own, and you know what? That’s ok
  • Altruism increases, curiosity peaks, and you begin to explore and do for the sake of doing
  • Material items hold less sway in your life. You may still enjoy fine art, high end clothing but having it attainting it is no longer of any importance. You also begin living a more authentic you or the I don’t care if you like me phase. Unlike the teenage rebel however you don’t do this with anger to to lash out, you simply just live your life to the best of your ability.
  • Your relationships become more enhanced and deeper having more meaning. You may have fewer close relationships but those that are close mean everything.
  • Feeling drawn to nature…self explanatory. You become drawn to raw pure and natural
  • You avoid Negative behaviors, people and situations almost to an extreme


Physical Symptoms

  • Your senses seem to be magnified
  • You try to live a healthier life style…some bad habits don’t mean your less enlightened. You recognize your body as a divine being and should be treated as such. However, let’s be real folks a cupcake now and then we are only human after all, at least in this life.
  • Erratic sleeping patterns. Ah and let the counting sheep marathon begin, or is that Dr Who? Or maybe you feel like you need to be strapped to an IV with caffeine pumped straight through to your veins just to make it through the day. Extreme fluctuations can occur. Best bit of advice: eat healthy, hydrate, exorcise (if able), and for sleeplessness try to find something to help you meditate until you sleep. For insomnia try to establish good sleep hygiene. For fatigue once again eat well, hydrate, still try to exercise as you can or to your ability, and of course rest when you can. It’s ok to slow down sometimes this is your body and your soul forcing you to do just that. Listen.
  • Tingling sensation in the head especially around the crown. I often describe it as fingers running through my hair. I find it soothing, others bothersome. You can try pressure points to decrease it but honestly it’s best just to acknowledge it for what it is, accept it, ignore it and it often goes away when you’ve stopped fighting it.
  • Emotions or the feels. You may have extreme ups and downs. This is especially true as one becomes more awakened as an Empath. You don’t know where you begin and the frog ends. Yes it can feel like you are taking on the emotions and energies of the world. Breathe, count to 10 try to figure out is this coming from within you? Is it from your neighbor down the street who just had a baby and hasn’t slept in 3 nights? Go over offer them a hand you might find your emotional state improves.
  • As your DNA is stated by some to reprogram itself during these Awakenings, I’m neither confirming nor denying this, you will notice you crave certain foods and develop aversions to others. Listen to your body. Figure out when it’s needing vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates. Try to stick to healthy choices. And always we suggest moderation
  • The not so pretty side: purging of negative energy. Some people have stomach upset yes this means emesis, vomiting if you will. Stay hydrated take care of yourself and know it will pass. Some people have lower intestinal upset, again eat healthy listen to your body and know this too will pass.

Each day is a new day. Whether you are just beginning to awaken or further in your awakening process I hope this little guide gives you some insight, if not a few chuckles. Listed below are the websites I gathered information from during research feel free to check them out.

Here’s Wishing you Bright Blessings and Shadow Kisses

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