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1st day:
Video intro from Natalie
Video Practice with Natalie- lets feel the energy!
Video about Energy, Doubts,Working with Clients
Info about Master Level
Info Bonus Attunements

2nd day
Guided meditation 30 min: «Kundalini Awakening» – 30 min.
Lets tap into energy and feel the kundalini reiki!
*Master Attunement Activation
*Master Manual

3rd Day
Lets meet our Soul Family and Spirit Guides
Guided meditation 25 min: «Meet your Spirit Guides,Loved once,Soul Family»
Journey into the magical garden to meet your spirit guides.In this beautiful healing guided meditation from Archangel Metatron, you will discover tranquillity and find inner-peace. This meditation, with Jill Harrison, begins by completely de-stressing and relaxing you, before you experience a celestial white-light healing. You then journey to the White Chapel, to meet your spiritual soul family. In this healing meditation you’ll also meet your spirit guides and beloved pets. During this powerful guided meditation, you’ll be given the opportunity to view your future and receive a powerful spiritual symbol to help you remain connected with your soul-group family.
In order to move forward lets forgive everyone and everything….
Guided meditation 30 min: Forgiveness
Forgiveness is the golden master key of all healing. It is one of the most important and transformational spiritual practices known to man
Lets start practice one Master level!
Practice techniques:
students perform healing to each other via chill ball+ report to the teacher how was the session

4th day
Advanced Techniques:
-Chill Ball performance Technique (repeat) video
-Healing several people Technique: chill ball / list of names
-Charging food,crystals,things,money,water Technique
-Circle to work with healing.situations Technique
-Bio Scanning Technique
-Blood Cleansing Technique
-Reprogramming Technique
-Psychic Surgery Technique
-Detox Technique
-Entities Cleansing and Removal Technique
-Shower of Light Technique
-Visualisations Technique

5th day
Lets connect deeply to the Source!
Meditation 40 min: «Reconnect to Source, Experience Life Between Lives and Powerful Healing»
This guided meditation gently guides you to go back to life between lives, to the point where you were pure consciousness, to return to source, the energy from which you came, in order to cast off all that is unnecessary and heal all wounds, pain and false shielding from this life to allow your true self to shine.
Lets rise our vibrations!
Meditation 36 min: Raising your vibration with the Angels
meditation that raises your vibration to the fifth dimension, which leads you on the ascension pathway. You will be connected to ten Archangels, who will help you open and activate your 12 chakras.

*Bonus Attunements

About Soul Healing energy
Soul Healing Reiki Attunement (worth 30$)
Manual download

About Ascended Masters energy
16 Ascended Masters Attunement (worth 15$)
Manual download

About Guidance Reiki energy
Guidance Reiki (worth 25$) Attunement
Manual download

6th day
Wrapping up Video
About 6 Kundalini Reiki Boosters
About your Practice
About Teacher level


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