Do you feel you have the INNER Power ?
...I equip YOU with a POWERFUL LIFETIME TOOL available to everyone & proven system
It will transform & improve your life, health, relationship & fulfill your soul potential for inner healing, shatter your fears and insecurities for desire to heal others.


Join me on a 4 week journey to awaken & truly heal yourself ,experience the healing energy & kundalini awakening, release what doesn’t suits you anymore and dive deep into awareness.
You will experience a beautiful shift into flow and reach greater levels of personal success, spiritual connection, as well as a new passion for living.
You will dive into safe union of divine energy which is dormant within you in connection, expansion and integration of your life force that enables you access to your infinite wisdom, love, pleasure, healing,
empowerment, intimacy, sexuality, life purpose, spirituality, consciousness, wellness and wellbeing
Your Coach:
Mentor,Healer & Transformational Coach, Natalia Tarasova.I started my Journey into healing Modalities 12 years ago.
Time proved to be transformative and transitional for my spiritual growth to become a mentor and guide for others seeking to improve their lives.My goals when working with students and clients is to provide guidance, lend support, and to encourage inner growth and development with mentorship in the process of their awakening.
Master Reiki Ryoho 2011
Master/Teacher Kundalini Reiki 2016 by Ole Gabrielsen
Theta DNA Practitioner (ThiNK University) by Vianna Stibal
Pranic healing Advanced
Member of Reiki Association UK GOW #8033
This is an all-inclusive, step-by-step program to help you learn and awaken the power you already possess and create a strong relationship with your Spirit
I will Mentor You. Coach You. Guide You. Support You.
Stop to second-guessing. Its time to make a REAL Step!
This program is for YOU if:
* You are prepared to be challenged in your thinking about how you see yourself and the world around you
* You prepared to make transformation and change your life in better way
* You are passionate about living a life that brings you joy and impacts the world in a better way
* You are ready to transform your relationship within urself and with the people
* You are ready to release your past traumas,pain,anxiety,stress
* You are ready to be aligned with yourself and have balance
* You are ready to perform the work of being self-aware and acting from a place of knowing & feeling
* You are ready to take quantum leaps in your life that feels so right that you get goosebumps when you think about it
*You are ready to learn to create the best conditions to heal easily, live joyfully, and thrive abundantly
*You are ready to transform doubt to confidence, fears to love and uncertainty to powerful clarity.
*You are ready to release all toxic and negative around you and constantly heal yourself & protect
*You are ready to enhance your intuition, clairvoyance and other gifts expanding your highest level of consciousness.
*You are ready to bring the body into balance with spirit and energy
*If you are Intending to work with others but not feeling the high-vibe joy you thought you would feel,
*Feeling depleted, frustrated and unsupported around your gifts,
*Feeling tired of being sensitive all the time to everything and everyone around you,
*Unclear and unsure of your intuition, especially when it comes to yourself and those close to you,
*Learning about energy, the ethics and whether or not qualified to do it
*if you desire to improve your life, health, help yourself and others, reconnect with yourself and the source, ready to balance mind, body,spirit!

You are..

Someone who likes to live the simple life but struggles with daily issues?
Someone who is not into spirituality, but has an interest in how to attract positivity into your life?
Someone who wants to know more about this tool and applying this into your daily life?
Someone who wants to benefit from this tool to help others as well?
Someone who wants to understand how energy works
Someone who wants to help your self overcome inner conflicts,struggles,emotions
Someone who wants to release old habits and feelings
Someone who wants to have the tool to heal: relationship,yourself,others,situations,work on abundance, negative cleansing and much more
Someone who wants to release and heal certain emotions, such as: anxiety, fear, lack of self-confidence, worries, stress, everything that’s keeping your vibe low

Or you are..

Someone who has an interest and passion within spirituality?
Someone who practiced this tool before, but wants to gain more experience within it?
Someone who wants to grow and feel more when applying diverse tools?
Someone who has a passion to help others and themselves.
Someone who practicing meditation and want to dive into more inner transformation?
Someone that feels in their bones who is a healer?
Someone who also has an interest and passion within spirituality?
Someone who followed courses but for some reason, they haven’t led you to deeply change your desires?
Someone who wants to do a job that fulfills your soul?
Someone who ever thought to make a living as a healer?


You just need to know HOW!

Imagine you NOT ALONE and getting mentoring,guidence, support and teacher next to you for any needs , to support u on the way from very basic till mastery and full confidence...
Imagine you can have someone to be open and fully accepted with
Someone who will support u on the way and understand all ur pain, obstacles,fears, boundaries
Imagine u have someone to push u overcome ur limits and false self -beliefs
Imagine u have someone who believes in you 100%
Imagine u have someone to re-assure u in ur every doubt
Imagine u have someone who will bring u from basics till advanced
Imagine u have someone to open ur full potential
Imagine u have someone who will open up ur abilities full power
YOU can use your healing abilities limitless!

You are your own healer.
Energy Healing can be integrated into your life & easy, effective and fast way to heal your mind, body and spirit through all space, time, and dimensions. It is the inner process where you can absolutely clear the root causes and fully release stuck emotions and return all of it back to love. All healing is first the self-healing. Other people and other modalities may facilitate, but ultimately the healing is all you
The Power Within You...which can be awakened
If this resonates with you, you are being called to heal, to heal yourself ,transform your life, body & heart with no miracle ,but effective system . The miracle is within you.
You can be stronger and even more connected to your Higher Self and Inner Soul Potential
Are you ready to release the struggle?
To Activate & Unleash Your Inner power?
If you are on this page, you are looking for something bigger than yourself. Make this STEP & Change your Life ! Enough to Wait for Miracles!

Imagine if you could have the tool…

.which allows you to discover how to help yourself & others while using this tool?
.. SIMPLE tool to change your life instantly?
..which will let you to to know more about the use of energy within your body?
..the tool which allows you to heal certain emotions, such as: anxiety, fear, lack of self-confidence, worries, stress, everything that’s keeping your vibe low?
..tool which can bring you financial stability & fulfill you as healer?
.. tool which will show you how to work with the Universal laws (Law of Attraction?)
.. tool which will let go of trauma’s and passed negative experiences?
..tool which can improve your daily life
..tool which will let you to heal yourself to be able to live a happy and healthy life?
..tool which will allow you to improve and heal your relationship with yourself and others?
..tool which will allow you to improve/balance/heal situations
..tool which will bring you life changing transformation and fill up you with harmony, happiness, peace, and love within your life?
..tool which will allow you to process inner work yourselves and transform into your powerful self?
You have the tool and understanding the energy and apply techniques on ALL areas of your life
You could transform your sensitivity into your superpower,
You could have energy working for you, rather than you working for it,
You could be energized naturally and easily when working with other people,
You came into alignment with your Soul, revealed your soul's purpose, and always knew your highest good,
You could trust your Self, your intuition and intuitive messages,
Imagine during 4 weeks you can get Instant Access to STEP by STEP Transformation Program Equipped with EVERYTHING you NEED to be able CONFIDENTLY to Use SIMPLE TOOL based on healing modality and Apply Techniques on ALL Life Situations.


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

*Bonus 1

*Bonus 2

*Bonus 3

*Bonus 4

Normal Price : $ 5 297 

Today's Price: $1,297
Or 2 Payments of $648

The benefits of this tool and why taking the program is:

You can always apply this tool, it lasts a lifetime.
Helps you to relieve the pain you struggle with.
Helps you to be more one with your intuition.
Reduces stress which will be replaced with relaxation.
Reiki does not conflict with religious believe.
Maintains mental, physical & emotional balance.
Vitalizes both body & soul of client and practitioner.
Reiki does not interfere with any medical treatment.
Mental and physical relaxation.
Stress reduction, anxienty healing
Healing of others locally and distantly, by photo, mentally.
Better and comfortable sleep.
Improvement of immune system.
Enhancement of self confidence.
Regular Reiki treatment can help in reducing weight.
Manifestation to achieve your goals in life
Clearing anxiety, depression and phobias.
Treating psychological problems.
Improvement of relationships.
Creation of congenial atmosphere at work places and improvement of working efficiency.
Learn how to heal your relationship, present, past and future
A daily self-treatment can keep the person in maximum health and well-being.
Reiki is excellent natural anti-aging remedy.
Reiki can virtually treat all the known diseases. It is known to have cured hypertension, cancer, heart diseases and arthritis etc. in addition to many other ailments.

Kundalini Reiki Master Level-Natalia Tarasova. Working with Natalia as one of her previous students has proven once again that it is the teacher who plays a major role in how well the knowledge & the lessons are passed down. Natalia has shown tremendous effort with her videos, lives, online class chats, lessons, and opportunities to practice, etc… Having a teacher & mentor who puts forth this amount of effort, preparation, & makes themselves readily availability, is the ultimate experience, and exceeds any students expectations. Especially those who truly want to grow as a person, as well as gain accredited knowledge to be properly equipped to pass on. I personally am not the most out spoken when it comes to myself. Natalia has always made herself available for questions or to speak with at any time on any various topics. Natalia & my wife speak more so, however I am usually listening in the background. Natalia has never made me feel less than or unworthy while teaching me. I make myself feel that way & often stick to myself. So to even feel a connection is great all in itself. I would recommend Natalia as a teacher & mentor to anyone who truly values the process of learning & growing. Everyone has some level of self doubt at some point & requires a guiding hand. I believe everyone is constantly learning & teaching. It is the exchanges of thoughts, comments, & perceptions, tangled and weaved together in a complementary cohesive way, that makes the difference. I sense and feel Natalia’s zest & passion for the knowledge bubbling out of her, that draws me in even further. I believe drive can not be taught however a dry professor can make even an invigorating topic difficult to learn. I believe she is more than capable & would help anyone. I admire & respect the relationship we have & will continue on my path with any & all advice Natalia offers. Other classes & Attunments from Natalia are already in the works. It is a pleasure to work with her. Even her enlightenment about off topic issues are very insightful such as our very informative conversation on the value of bees and what they have to offer! Thank you for all you have done. I will forever be grateful for her as a mentor as well as the knowledge she had & has to offer me.

-Chelsea Huzvar, Life Coach  & Healer

You and your energy are phenomenal, Thank you Natalia Tarasova for being the awesome teacher that you are, you have taught me so much and I’m still learning. I went through first level Reiki with you, second level Reiki with you,and now Master level Kundalini reiki. I am so happy that I met you and got on this journey. I am so very pleased with all of the information that you give, it’s very detailed and very informative, also you go the extra mile with the videos that you do so that we get to see it as well as read it, and get a Hands-On visual of healing sessions, you are always there when any of your students needs you, you study and pay attention to our progress and if any one of us need help or falling off you let us know and help us through. You are amazing!

-Jennifer Dunaway,  Healer

The Master Level Kundalini Reiki Class just finished up. Once I think Natalia could not amaze me anymore than she already has, she out does herself again! This class reviewed the basics of one and two and provided advanced techniques that we can incorporate into our energy work. She is very thorough, answers all questions, attentive, caring, empathetic, and possibly the most kind hearted person I have ever met. She truly cares for her students and has such a passion for what she does and it shows. She is truly committed to your success not only as a healer but a human being. I truly believe I met Natalia Tarasova when I did back when I took level one at the perfect time in my life and I believe my guides led me to choose her as my mentor, and i could not have made a better choice. She has always been there for me and I believe she truly has an amazing gift to offer with her amazing personality, passion for what she does, and her teaching abilities. She makes herself readily available for her students at all times. I don’t think there was ever a time I didn’t get a response from a message for more than a few minutes or so, and we are in completely different time zones. I will forever be grateful for her and the impact she has had on my life. From her advice and instructions, I have been able to cope and have gone through some of the toughest times i May ever have to face in my life. If you are considering taking any courses, receiving attunements, or even getting a healing session with her, I highly recommend her! You will not be sorry. She is fully invested in you and your success. I could not be more grateful to have her in my life, as a life long mentor and friend. Love and Light! Thank you so very much Natalia!!

-Jessica Huzvar, Full Time Healer

Well first thank you so much Natalia..xx my mentor you opened my eyes to Kundalini Reiki which is forever becoming stronger and stronger inside me, this was an amazing experience and it has really changed my life and my path has become ever so clear I recommend this course from 1 level 2 level and the Master level xx if your confused about why you are here then the answers await you much love to you Natalia and Namaste to all

-Filip Pericleous,  worker

Imagine during 4 weeks you can get Instant Access to STEP by STEP Transformation Program Equipped with EVERYTHING you NEED to be able CONFIDENTLY to Use SIMPLE TOOL based on healing modality and Apply Techniques on ALL Life Situations.


When does this program start? What are the dates? What if I am not able to start now?

You getting access immediatly to whole program . Self-Study – This is truly at your own .

Mentoring 4 weeks via messanger+ 1:1 Calls arranged in advance

Is this a group program?

Nope, this is a totally personalized, one-on-one program! It’s all about YOU!

How long is this program?

This program is 30 days long with full access to all materials. The 3 one-on-one coaching sessions will be scheduled within the 30-day period (don’t worry, you’ll get to choose when we meet!) .The 30-day period will begin the day of your first coaching session!

You have the access LIFITIME.

After I purchase, how will I access my course content?

You will be directed right into the program platform where you will purchase and have immediate access to all modules.

I am new to to all this. How do I know this teaching doesn’t conflict with my current beliefs?

This system available to everyone.If you have no knowledge or practice with healing modalities,if you practitioner, if you are the healer and want expand the practice, if you just the person who wants  to learn self-healing .

Do you guarantee that this program will work for me?

While I cannot guarantee a specific outcome, I can guarantee that this program will work for you if you commit with it & work with and for it. If you show up , do the practice  and complete your homework, you’ll be a confident healer and have necessary  knowledge

How much time do I have to invest to start seeing a change in my life?

The quickness of your change is up to you. I’d like to be clear that this program is not a “quick-fix.” This program is all about self-awareness and discovery and healing your soul from things that don’t allow you to live at an optimal level. With that said, transformation takes time. I have the students who had full transformation during 2 months and big changes

Do you offer refunds?

No. And not simply because the content is instantly-accessible, but because I totally over-deliver with everything I co-create, and we know that this system will work as long as you’re committed to going through it. If you don’t believe this course can work for you, if you’re looking for a magic bullet & quick fix that will simply get you results by hitting the “buy” button, and/or if you’re not willing to put in a few minutes every day towards healing your energy and achieving your dreams, then this program won’t bring you the results you desire. If any of those apply to you, we recommend you don’t buy this system, as it will only work if you do.As I cannot guarantee your success (because only you can do this), I want you to be certain that you are willing and open to do the work and participate to make this program be what you need. Once the access granted, no refunds will be granted.

I cannot pay in full today. How can I make payments to be in this program?

As I believe that money should never hinder forward movement, I understand that multiple options are often needed, We offer a paid in full and a flexible payment arrangement option (split in 2 months). Please choose the option that works best for you

Do I need to complete the classes in a specific order?

I recommend that you start at the beginning of the program and go through it in order once. Some of the activities only need to be completed once, while other parts of the system are tools that can be incorporated into your daily rituals or used when limiting beliefs or emotions or whatever calls to be healed arises for you or your clients. After you’ve gone through the classes, you can then apply the tools and daily practices in a way that feels good to you and fits within your lifestyle.