Free Training : Subtle Body + Kundalini Awakening+Healing
How we can heal ourself & improve our life by balancing 3 channels within our subtle system (aka nervous system).
Join me on a 4 week journey to awaken & truly heal yourself ,experience the healing energy & kundalini awakening, release what doesn’t suits you anymore and dive deep into awareness.
You will experience a beautiful shift into flow and reach greater levels of personal success, spiritual connection, as well as a new passion for living.
You will dive into safe union of divine energy which is dormant within you in connection, expansion and integration of your life force that enables you access to your infinite wisdom, love, pleasure, healing,
empowerment, intimacy, sexuality, life purpose, spirituality, consciousness, wellness and wellbeing
Your Coach:
Mentor,Healer & Transformational Coach, Natalia Tarasova.I started my Journey into healing Modalities 12 years ago.
Time proved to be transformative and transitional for my spiritual growth to become a mentor and guide for others seeking to improve their lives.My goals when working with students and clients is to provide guidance, lend support, and to encourage inner growth and development with mentorship in the process of their awakening.
Master Reiki Ryoho 2011
Master/Teacher Kundalini Reiki 2016 by Ole Gabrielsen
Theta DNA Practitioner (ThiNK University) by Vianna Stibal
Pranic healing Advanced
Member of Reiki Association UK GOW #8033
This is an all-inclusive, step-by-step program to help you learn and awaken the power you already possess and create a strong relationship with your Spirit
I will Mentor You. Coach You. Guide You. Support You.
Stop to second-guessing. Its time to make a REAL Step!