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About Instructor: Natalia

11 years experience rooted in following the principles of yoga and energetic and healing systems, as well as, Buddhist teachings.
Natalia awakened to her gifts at age 17 which impressed upon her that she was born to become a healer.
Time proved to be transformative and transitional for her spiritual growth to become a mentor and guide for others seeking to improve their lives.
Her passion to help others is supported by her belief in lifelong learning, self-development, continued education, and the attainment of advanced techniques through retreats and seminars.
Natalia’s approach to her spiritual work is open hearted, yet straight forward and detailed with an ethical emphasis that psychic work and healing takes practice, hard work, and personal responsibility that it be understood and used carefully.
Her goals when working with students and clients is to provide guidance, lend support, and to encourage inner growth and development with mentorship in the process of their awakening.


🏆Master Reiki Ryoho 2011
🏆Teacher Reiki Ryoho 2017
🏆Master/Teacher Kundalini Reiki 2016 by Ole Gabrielsen
🏆Money Reiki Master
🏆Theta DNA Practitioner (ThiNK University) by Vianna Stibal
🏆Member of Reiki Association UK GOW #8033


Healing Sessions * Mentorship * Courses


💫💎I provide, guide & teach:
💎Healing Sessions, Attunements, Courses & Certification
💎New Energies Healing, Attunements & Certification
💎Theta DNA Healings & Reality Reprogramming
💎Holistic Therapy & Support & Guidences
💎Mentorship in Healings
💎Metathorical Cards Spiritual Readings
💎Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Oracle & Angel Reading
💎Crystal Energy Work & Pendulum
💎Money Energy Healing Session
💎Protection and Cleansing
💎Chakra & Aura Cleaning and Activation
💎Blockages Removal
💎Negative Removal on all the plans

💫Health and Body Healing, General & Specific
💫Protection / Your/Family/House
💫Negative & Blockages Removal
💫Spirits remove/ House Cleaning
💫Negative Programs removal
💫DNA & Genes Activation/Regeneration
💫Protection / Your/Family/
💫Psychic & Mental Healing
💫Chakra and Abilities Activation
💫Relationship healing, Cord Cutting (relationship, broken heart)

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