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39932939 - calm woman receiving reiki treatment in the health spa
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Student Reviews

Johny Bye

Natalia was able to give me an attunement for kundalini energy healing and I can only express a WoW for the experience. If you ever wanted to learn and acquire this practice, NOW is the time!!
Please take advantage of this AMAZING INSTRUCTOR!! You will be thrilled with very notable results…
This is no typical Reiki Master…My wife and I both had our attunements with Natalia Tarasova and her skills and gifts have truly changed our lives!


I have received a wonderful healing from Natalia. I am truly impressed. It has helped me a great deal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The night before I received a chill ball, I felt a lot of buzzing a warmth in my chest and neck. The first night, I saw a huge green ball go from my feet to my head. The second night, I saw a huge blue ball. The third night, there was a huge pink ball.
I highly recommend Natalia if you are feeling depressed, angry, stuck, and have any kind of body pain that is not responding to conventional treatments.

Sheila Creel

bsolutely AMAZING!!!! I received an email from someone in the middle of session, i couldn’t believe it but the words were right there in black for me to see….U are absolutely amazing woman, I cant thank you enough truly I can’t

Tina DiMare

I had a distant healing session it was amazing experience I have clear visions and I mean clear visions it was unbelievable I had all my questions answer I have to say it makes me was to cry to how I can see happiness in my future thank you!

Bashira Az Banoo

Natalia  thank you so much for the healing dear. It was a blasting first time experience. The healing worked within 24 hr and the results was unbelievable. The result i expected came much more than i expected . You will not believe until you try the experience with her . You shall not regret. Amazing .awaiting my next one with Natalia..

Gabby Woster

Hi Natalia. The first healing session was awesome. I experienced a tingling from my waist down to my toes every few minutes. Am looking forward to the wonderful results it brings with it. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you again

Zee Kee

I had a kundalini reiki healing session with Natalia yesterday. The whole session lasted at least 30 minutes for me and throughout it I felt the energy working very intensely which involved heat and cooling energy. THe cooling energy stayed with me for a long time and made me feel at ease and relaxed. It was a very good healing session. Today I feel better in general and not as tired as yesterday. I really look forward to the next one with Natalia! Thank you!


Tools & Techniques of your spiritual development & abilities

Awaken your intuition to have clear direction & an inner compass at all times (knowing what is right for you in business, relationships, and life).
-Develop Your natural psychic abilities & rise your vibrations
-learn how to work and deal with bio-energy, healing energy, how to heal through spirits
-learn how to heal yourself, others, distance healing, affecting situations via different techniques
-learn how to heal your relationship, present, past and future
-leran how to connect with gudes, angels, highest self & spirits
-learn how to use the tools for energy work, how to charge the things,food
-lear how to work with crystals, cards, tarot, pendulums
-lear how to work distantly with person/situation by photo,phantom, different techniques
-learn how to remove negative energy, cleanse the house/office/person/situation
-how to use techniques for abundance, money flow, manifetation
-Manage and heal stress, anxiety, pain, and physical health issues. Often these “health issues” are caused by deeper emotional or energetic patterns that will address in this program
-learn how to heal deep hidden reasons, situation from past, traumas
-lean how to remove toxic energies, borders,blockages in your life


DNA Activation.
Reprogram you LIFE.
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